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j/fit founder Jody Lernihan owned and managed sports equipment stores for 20 years. Today, Jody, Bob and the rest of the j/fit crew are sure of a few things: Exercise balls, tubing and latex bands, and light weights can be accessible and affordable. If people knew how to use these items correctly, they can have an effective at-home workout that will take minimal time. If exercise equipment is attractive it will be even more fun to use. (Jody is hands-on and passionate about this one. She personally designs many of j/fit’s products.) j/fit is founded on this fact: If your body feels good, so will your mind. That’s why we offer: Portable, storable exercise equipment that’s high quality, stylish, and affordably priced Instructional videos so you can have a great workout that won’t take a ton of time The j/fit community: a fitness journal that gives you the latest news on fitness gear, exercise techniques and health and wellness tips

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